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We are dedicated to preserving the amazing human-focused and intuitive traits of the authentic Australian Labradoodle, while attempting to make our contribution to strengthening the breed through health testing, pedigree analysis, and evaluation of conformation and temperament. While we believe that there is no “perfect dog”, we prefer not to compromise in selecting breeding stock for our program OR in identifying potential breeding dogs that we can offer to other breeders. In our view, a puppy is not “breeding quality” until it has undergone required health testing and passed to our standards and to those of the buyer. Our terms of purchase and health/fertility warranty reflect this philosophy. 

We welcome inquiries from established and newer breeders regarding potential breeding-quality puppies from our upcoming litters. While interested parties are welcome to visit in person and evaluate a puppy, we make a point to provide many photographs of puppies who appear to be of extraordinary quality as they develop. At seven weeks, we perform temperament testing, and at 8 weeks, formal litter evaluation using the Pat Hastings method. As we know that the quality (and possible defects) of the whole litter are important in selecting potential breeding stock, photos of our litter evaluations are made available. 

We are also happy to consider breeding quality puppy exchanges and stud service exchanges!
Breeding Stock Availability
Stud Service
Our stud dogs Rutlands Baby Joey and Hudson's The Topper are available to qualified breeders through live cover, or through fresh chilled or frozen semen.  Our experienced reproductive specialist veterinarian Dr. Janice Cain performs our collections for shipment.

GGL Lily
Hudson's The Topper Puppy 
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