Why an Australian Labradoodle?

 ■ Low- to non-shedding allergy-friendly coats 
 ■ Intelligent, intuitive, and eager-to-please
 ■ Easy to train 
 ■ Loving and gentle with children and dogs
 ■ Relative lack of "doggy" odor 
 ■ Excellent companion 
 ■ Playful and comic nature 
 ■ Suited as therapy/service dogs 
 ■ Stunning good looks!

Kristin Hotti at (650) 576-9068
Our breeding dogs are health-tested prior to breeding and subjected to Penn Hip and/or OFA, PRA and CERF clearances. We strive to produce dogs absent of the genetic diseases prevalent in many purebred dogs today. We offer a 2-year Health Warranty against severe genetic defects and pledge to provide lifetime consulation support for your dog.

We aim for a "personal" touch in our relationship with our puppy families and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the breed, about our dogs and about what you might expect from an Australian Labradoodle Puppy.  Please do not hesitate to phone us.
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We are a San Francisco Bay Area breeder of home-raised, authentic Australian Labradoodles with bloodlines originating from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia. We adhere to the guidelines and "Breed Standard" as currently defined by the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA) 
Authentic Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles in the San Francisco Bay Area 
 Golden Gate Labradoodles
How is an "Australian Labradoodle" different from other dogs called "Labradoodles"?
Please phone for our availability on large medium-standard puppies to go home in February 2015
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You are welcome to email or phone any time with questions about the breed or about our program at Golden Gate Labradoodles.


Because we want our breeding dogs to be "stars" in their own loving families, we seek "Guardian Homes" for both puppies and adults within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  A Guardian Home will keep the dog as their own family pet, while we retain breeding rights for a specified number of litters (in the case of females), after which she will be spayed and retired to the family forever.  Please phone or email for more information on this opportunity.
""Vixen" is well-loved by her Guardian Family!
The cuddly Miss "Gracie" enjoys life with her "sis" Chanel in Pacifica
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Interested in becoming a Foster/Guardian Home to a puppy like these beauties above? We expect to be looking for several Foster/Guardian Families for our mini male from Cocoapuff's "Cocoapups" as well as from Whitney and Topper's upcoming litter.  
Please phone or email with questions about this program!

Kristin: 650-576-9068

Satori and Topper's puppy "Flower" has gone home to her "Forever Home" and we hope to see her beautiful puppies next year. 

We are seeking special Guardian Homes in the Bay Area for puppies we may be holding back as potential breeding dogs from future litters. Currently there are Foster-Guardian opportunities for a 6-month old mini chocolate female, a 4 month old large medium black female, and a mini chocolate male.

November 27, 2014