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Authentic Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles in the San Francisco Bay Area 
 Golden Gate Labradoodles

Amazing Mom and super athlete, Lola never ceases to surprise us with her astonishing patience and dedication with the younger pack--both of the canine and human variety! While she is the model of the perfect mom with her nursing puppies, she continues to enjoy playing the part of kind and gentle auntie to other puppies, as well as running her brother Cosmo in circles. She is astonishingly gentle with puppies, even those which are not her own, and just smiles benignly while they pull her ears and chomp on her tail. But we have seen her charge a huge pit bull  at the park when she thought he was threatening her puppies-even though the "puppies" in question were substantially bigger than her by then! Lola is retired to more walks and ball-playing and obedience classes than she has ever enjoyed before!

Lola is a passionate and highly skilled tennis ball-retriever and also enjoys hiking and her AKC obedience classes.  She is noted for her exceptional intelligence, perfect conformation and eager-to-please temperament.      
"Manor Lake Polka" 

Size:  16", 23 lbs. Large miniature/small mediumCoat: Cream Curly Fleece

Sire:  "Rutland's Apache"
Dam:  "Dreamweaver's Tiffany Diamond" 

ALAA Registration #ALAA-010023
ALCA Registration #C061-06112007-047-B 

OFA Hips (p): Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal 
CERF (2011): Normal
PRA: Clear
DNA: ID'd; "bbee" (carries for cream, apricot, chocolate)
"Golden Gate Gilded Lily" 

Size:  17", 30 lbs., Mediium
​Coat: Cafe/Parchment Wavy Fleece 

Sire:   "Cloudcatcher's Limited Edition"
Dam:  "Manor Lake Polka" 

ALCA Registration #155-12252009-0055-001-B 

Penn Hip:  90th Percentile
OFA Hips (p): Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage
DNA:  ID'ed; carries for cream

Lily's Pedigree  

Lovely Lily's affectionate nature originally landed her with the puppy nickname "Miss Kisses", as she was all too eager to plant a wet one on anyone's face without even an invitation! As a mature lady-doodle, Lily has become one of those calm and "wise" dogs who seem to express everything through their eyes!  (Actually, she DOES communicate and understand a phenomenal amount when we speak to her, and is a delight to have around. She enjoys her active sporting lifestyle on and off of the Lacrosse pitch with her family with three children who never thought they would ever get a dog, due to severe pet allergies in the family. Lily carries on in the amazing tradition of the Australian Labradoodle in her attentiveness to her human owners, whom she diligently shadows wherever they go. 

Lily has lovely conformation (and eviable hip scores!), as well as a teddy bear-soft fleecy coat. Her big expressive eyes (and over-the-moon long eyelashes) assist her in communicating with her human counterparts. Lily has proven to have amazing innate natural mothering instincts from whelping the puppies to teaching them post-weaning socialization skills. Her puppies are remarkable for their intelligence and easy-going temperaments.

We love our little "Bisou" ("Kiss") who comes to us from Northwest Australian Labradoodles in Washington. . Her daddy is a the stunning "Chicago Kissing Hero" from Spring Creek in OR, a half-brother of Lola and Cosmo.  We love her calm and thoughtful personality, which, combined with a lively sense of fun, makes her a delight in our household. BiBi has a chocolate fleece coat and is a large miniature size at about 22 lbs.  

"NW Australian Bisou au Chocolat"

Size: 15 ", 22 lbs. Large Miniature
Coat: Chocolate Wavy Fleece

Sire:   "Chicago Kissing Hero"
Dam:  "Washington Daisy Dukedoodle" 
ALCA Registration # 155-07182010-009-B

OFA Hips: Fair 
Elbows: Normal 
CERF: Clear (2012)
PRA: Clear by Parentage
DNA:  ID'd; Carries for Chocolate and Cream


COSMO! Our "Fur Person"!  We can not even begin to convey what a amazing dog he is! While he is not in our breeding progam, Cosmo is the reason that Golden Gate Labradoodles came into being and  he continues to be a critical part of our program as part-Puppy Education Expert, part-PR DIrector, and all-around helpful soul of the household. He still regularly astonishes us with his uncanny ability to look into your eyes and intuit what you want or need from him.

Cosmo takes his job keeping everyone in the pack in-line very seriously (except his top-dog sister Lola, who relies on him as her personal bodyguard). Cosmo is always ready to chase down escaped puppies (or chickens!), chastise other dogs who might presume to jump on the sofa,  and otherwise lend a hand around the house. We even watched him shielding the cat food (and the cat who was trying to eat it) from a gang of maurauding puppies, although we suspect Cosmo might have had his own hidden agenda there...

Cosmo is well-known in the local soccer community, and was even credited with an assist in a local club match after exuberantly bounding onto the field, resulting in a goal for the home team! 

  Lily's Past Puppy Gallery
Click Images to Enlarge
"I Know  I am Not Supposed to Be on the Bed...
"Country High Fashion" came into our program from Elizabeth Ferris at Country Labradoodles. This girl has the stellar qualities that we look for in our breeding program:  solid, balanced conformation, a luxuriant, dark chocolate fleece coat and those heart-stoppingly soulful eyes! Fashion's pedigree derives from reknowned Therapy/Service lines. While Fashion (aka "Fergie" ) is retired to her wonderful Forever Home,  we look forward to continuing her lines with her daughter who is waiting in the wings...  

"Country High Fashion" 

Size: 17 ", 29 lbs.  Medium

Sire:   "Chicago Hershey Bar Kid"
Dam:  "Tegan's Irish Summer"
ALCA Registration#: Pending  

OFA Hips: Good 
Elbows: Normal
Patellas: Normal
Cardiac: Normal 
CERF: Normal
PRA/Pcrd: Clear 
Thyroid: Normal
vWD: Normal

Carries for cream

Fashion's Pedigree 
"Baby" Baby Joey
"Rutland's Baby Joey" 

Size:  23", 65 lbs. Standard

Sire:  "Tegan Park Cool Dude"
Dam:  "Rutland's Kismet" 

ALAA Registration #ALAA-002063
ALCA Registration #Pending

Coat: Chocolate Curly Fleece; carries for cream

PennHip (2012): 80th Percentile OFA Hips (2012): Good 
Elbows (2012)    Patellas (2012)
CERF (2012): Normal PRA: (2007 Optigen) Clear
Cardiac(2012) Normal Thyroid (2012) Normal
vWD (2012) Normal

Baby Joey's Pedigree
 Fashion's sire the magnificent
 "Chicago Hershey Bar Kid"
And her beautiful dam:
 "Tegan's Irish Summer"

The striking "Talaki Ridge Whitney" is one of those special Australian Labradoodles who resonates with everyone who meets her.  I fell in love with her the moment I first met her! If there were a Labradoodle Beauty Pageant, Whitney would take the "Miss Congeniality" title with no contest!  Whitney is calm, thoughtful, and gentle, but is by no means above a silly romp with the other dogs! She loves her stuffed toys which she often carries around the house.  Whitney is a rare "Lavender" fleece, with huge hazel eyes that speak volumes about her kind, wise, and intutive nature.

Whitney's solid lineage derives from the most celebrated original Australian Labradoodles.
"Talaki Ridge Whitney"

Size: 17 ", 35 lbs.  Medium
Coat: Lavender Fleece

Sire:   "California Nugget"
Dam:  "Talaki Ridge Pele" 
ALAA Registration # 016027
ALCA Registration # 158-03262009-002-B

OFA Hips: Good 
Elbows: Normal 
CERF: Normal
PRA: Type "B"
Thyroid: (2011) Normal
DNA:  ID'd, Carries for Cream

Whitney's Pedigree  
  Whitney's Past Puppy Gallery
Click Images to Enlarge
Whitney's Puppy "Talaki Ridge Hunter"
Photos courtesy of Talaki Ridge Labradoodles

We believe that a stud dog, whose genetic traits can be spread widely across the breed, should pretty much "walk on water"  in terms of pedigree, temperament, conformation, and health testing. It took us over a year of research and inquiry, but we are thrilled that Topper has joined our program from Hudson Labradoodles in New York.  
Topper is remarkable for the mellow, intuitive, human-focused temperament that have made the original Australian Labradoodle famous across the world (One of his grandfathers is our Baby Joey!). While Topper demonstrates his intense desire to remain close to the human pack by shadowing us quietly around the house, he has astonished us at our AKC Obedience club with his ability to learn skills that have taken most dogs several sessions to master.  (Check out Topper's romantic side and incomparable gallantry with his beloved Whitney:  
Springtime Romance)

Topper stands at 19" in height and weighs 47 lbs. He has a wavy fleece coat in Cafe/Parchment. Does not carry for cream.  Available for Stud service on a limited basis, shipping of fresh chilled semen, or live cover.  

"Hudson's The Topper" 

Size:  19", 40 lbs. Medium, Color Genotype: bbEE
Coat: Cafe, Wavy Fleece
Sire:  "Tegans Oh So Sporty"
Dam:  "Hudsons Empress Trixi" 
ALCA Registration #155-05182010-008-D

PennHip (2012): 80th Percentile OFA Hips (2012): Good 
Elbows (2012)    Patellas (2012)
CERF (2012): Normal PRA: Clear by parentage
Cardiac(2012) Normal Thyroid (2012) Normal
vWD (2012) Normal

Hudson's the Topper 

Puppies Sired by Baby Joey (To Be Added):
 The gentle and kind "Sun Valley Saucy Vixen" (aka "Lizzy") came to us from Canada and we have watched her grow up into a lovely, sweet-tempered, and devoted companion to her family with three kids. She is an all-around great family dog who loves a romp in the park, as much as a snuggle with one of her family members. We love Vixen's beautiful caramel fleece and her big expressive hazel eyes.  We expect Vixen's first litter in the Spring of 2013.    
"Sun Valley Saucy Vixen"

Size: 16 ", 30 lbs.  Medium

Sire:   "Aussie L's Cleveland Brown "
Dam:  "Sun Valley's Clover " 
ALCA Registration # 155-101811-0130B

OFA Hips: Good 
PennHIP: L 0.52  ; R  0.58   
Elbows: Normal 
CERF: Normal
PRA: Type "B" , Clear by parentage

Baby Vixen
Talaki Ridge

Golden Gate "Ivory Moon", aka "Luna" was simply the cutest puppy we had ever had! And now that she has matured into a "responsible adult", the icing-on-the-cake is her solid health testing results. Luna combines graceful athleticism with a playful spirit, enjoying family runs on the beach in San Francisco.  Gentle and affectionate, she is devoted to her human family, but loves her other dog buddies as well!

​We expect another litter from Luna in 2014.

"Golden Gate Ivory Moon" 

Size: 16 ", 30 lbs.  Medium

Sire:   "Sunset Hills Tempt N Charm "
Dam:  "Golden Gate Gilded Lily" 
ALCA Registration # 155-07142011-003-LB1
PennHIP: L 0.43; R  0.45 70th p
Elbows: Normal 
CERF: Normal
PRA: Type "B" , Clear by parentage 

Golden Gate
Ivory Moon

Alpenridge Lotta Style ("Caidence") comes to us from Alpenridge Labradoodles in Oregon.  While Caidy's Mama is a certified Service Dog, Caidy herself shines as a super-devoted and affectionate family companion. While Caidy is a real "snuggle-bug", her ball retrieval and catching skills rival the Mistress of the Art, Lola herself!  (But don't tell that to Lola!)  We are looking forward to seeing some rare and beautiful Phantom-colored pups from Caidy in 2013.

"Alpenridge Lotta Style" 

Size: 16.5 ", 21 lbs.  Miniature
Coat: Blue and Silver Phantom, Soft Wool

Sire:   "Rivermist Colby 'MacDuff'"
Dam:  "Sunsethills Stylish Impression" 
ALCA Registration #; 116-0322009-008-B
ALAA Registration #: 015766

Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage
​VwD: Clear
DNA: ID'ed

All Photos courtesy of Alpenridge Labradoodles
Three of Caidy's puppies!
Joey has had all of his health testing updated in 2012 
                 (And it is pretty awesome for a boy of his age...!)
 BROWNIE (Retired)

NW Australian Royal Chocolate Brownie is a half-sister to our dearest Bibi. Her sire, Tegan Park Royal Flush was imported directly from Australia and is noted for his superb conformation, temperament and exceptional health testing results.  Brownie is just a love-bundle, full of the empathetic attentiveness that has made the authentic Australian Labradoodle breed so famous and beloved.  We are looking forward to seeing some standard and medium-sized Therapy-temperament puppies from Brownie in late 2013 or 2014. In the meantime, Brownie and her Doodle-pal "Stella" are making themselves at home with their wonderful family.

"NW Aust. Royal Chocolate Brownie"

Size: 20", Large Medium
Coat: Cafe Fleece

Sire:   "Tegan's Royal Flush"
Dam:  "Washington Daisy Dukedoodle" 
ALCA Registration #:  C055-06042009-3-B
ALAA Registration #:  021088

Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear (Optigen)

 STELLA (Retired)

Was I ever impressed when I first laid eyes on Stella's stunning and oh-so-dark Chocolate fleece and her very cute and mischievious face! "NW Australian Mistress of the Night" was sired by one of our all-time favorite stud dogs, the marvelous "Tegan Park Mandaluck", making Stella a half-sister to several of our favorite pet Labradoodles, as well as to "Cocoapuff"!  Stella is exceptionally affectionate and attentive, just as we would expect her to be!  Oh Stella, who will we ever find to sire your next litter to preserve your beautiful coat...?!)  We hope for puppies from Stella in late 2013. 
"NW Aust. Mistress of the Night"

Size: 17", Medium
Coat: Dark Chocolate Fleece

Sire:   "Tegan Park Mandaluck"
Dam:  "Aussie L's Miss Meeka"
ALCA Registration #  C055-01152010-004-B
ALAA Registration # 021090

Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage
DNA:  ID'ed

Stella's Pedigree
Oh YUM! 
A Scrumptious Brownie-Bite!
Photos Courtesy of NW Australian Labradoodles
Waiting in the wings... 

(pending completion of full health testing) 
"Bailey Mae" 

From "Lily" and "Topper"
And the stunning "Olympians" litter
(Registration pending; health testing passed!)​
She knows just how cute she is!)

From "Whitney" and (Cosmo's papa) "Rutlands Apache's"
"Nutcracker Sweeties" litter
​(Registration pending health testing)
"I'll just sit here and look sweet-and-innocent!"

The stunningly beautiful "Tori" ("Gemstone Nirvan's Satori") joined our Golden Gate Labradoodle family in 2012.  When she became unexpectedly available, we leapt into action to secure her for our program, not only for her own noteworthy pedigree, good looks, and gentle temperament, but also as we feel she is a worthy consort for both of our stud dogs "Baby Joey" and "Topper".  We just love Tori! She is so calm, affectionate, and intelligent, with such expressive and compelling eyes that it almost seems that she can speak!  Satori truly epitomizes the authentic Australian Labradoodle in temperament, beauty, and deep intuition. We are hoping that Satori's daughter Grace will carry on in her mother's footsteps.
"Golden Gate The Farmer's Daughter" 

Size:  14", 21 lbs., Miniature
​Coat: Chocolate Fleece 

Sire:   "Tegan Park Mandaluck"
Dam:  "Manor Lake Polka"

ALCA Registration #155-01292012-004-LB1
PennHIP : 90th %ile
OFA Hips (p): Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage 
DNA:  Carries for cream

Cocoapuff's Pedigree

When she was a little puppy, Cocoapuff was so stinkin' cute that we had to hide her away in the back room for fear that everyone would only want her! -- Hence her name "Golden Gate The Farmer's Daughter"! Cocoa is actually the daughter of our beloved Lola and Tegan Park Mandaluck and we are pinning our hopes on her to be a fantastic successor to carry on Lola's legacy! Cocoa has inherited her parents' intelligence and calm all bundled up in one compact package.  Her Guardian mama (who is much adored by Cocoa's big old Uncle Cosmo) now says "I can't believe that I wanted a larger dog! She is the perfect size." Yep--a "Big Dog"  temperament for sure, but convenience-sized!  

We are hoping to welcome Cocoa's first litter in the Fall of 2013 
"Gemstone' Nirvana's Satori" 

Size:  20", 44 lbs., Large Medium
​Coat: Chocolate Fleece 

Sire:   "Rutlands Nirvana"
Dam:  "Tassie's Amber"

ALCA Registration #
PennHIP : 50th %ile
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear 
DNA:  Carries for cream
Lily sheltering her pup from the evil influence of Uncle Cosmo who is waiting to bark at the mail carrier.

Chanel is the faithful go-everywhere companion of her Guardian mama and is a regular sight at her Silicon Valley workplace.  Chanel has even been welcomed at the local Children's hospital to visit with the young patients!  Mis Chanel has lovely square conformation and excellent boning and substance. Chanel's lineage derives primarily from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor and we look forward to seeing her offspring in the Fall of 2013.     
Chanel with her Gal Pal Cocoapuff
"Golden Gate Glamour Girl" 

Size:  16", 26 lbs., Small Medium
​Coat: Chocolate Fleece 

Sire:   "Manor Lake Debonaire"
Dam:  "Country Fashion"

ALCA Registration #155-032012-004-LB1
OFA (p):  Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage 
DNA:  Carries for cream

Chanel's Pedigree
​Baby Lily
Stella and her best friend Brownie live with their wonderful Guardian Family in Menlo Park
Two of Stella's gorgeous dark chocolate pups
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Follow us on our "Puppy Photo Blog" !