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Authentic Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California
 Golden Gate Labradoodles
"Kristin at Golden Gate Labradoodles is so extremely knowledgable about  the Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle breed...and about dog rearing, in general!  Not only is she familiar with breed standards, options, personality and health traits, but she provides excellent guidance on issues such as basic obedience training, grooming, nutrition and helping pups make the adjustment to a new home.  We couldn't be more thrilled with the health, intellect, adaptability and affection of our little girl, Maisy.  She is a far more amazing canine companion than we ever could have hoped for."

                              --  Kimmelin H.
     "Kristin from Golden Gate Labradoodles is a wonderful breeder.  She takes great care in each one of her puppies and have continued to help guide and support us as we raise our puppy Gretel.  We feel so lucky to have been able to purchase our puppy from Kristin.   The exposure and socialization Gretel had before she even came home was amazing. The fact that the puppies are born and live their first two months in Kristin's kitchen make them a wonderful family pet.  Gretel loves to be around people and has the most charming character.  We absolutely love our puppy and cannot begin to thank Kristin and her family for all that they have done for us.  We cannot recommend them more highly!"

                                   --  Lindsay R.
"We are extremely happy with Sawyer and we owe it to you and your knowledge of Labradoodles, that he is the PERFECT match for our family."

                          -- Cecelia D.
"From the moment I first met Kotah I knew he was special. 

I was not looking for a Labradoodle at all, but there was something so special about him.  From the beginning, Kristin was very helpful.  As soon as I contacted her, she was sharing website information about the breed and educating me about these special companions.  My main goal was to find a healthy puppy, that liked other dogs and cats, was easy to train, and was big enough to play with my 13 year old son, yet not as big as a lab. Kotah fit the criteria.  He is such a joy and I can’t imagine our family without him!
                                            --Lynda J. 
I interviewed a lot of breeders before I found Kristin of Golden Gate Labradoodles.  Her depth of knowledge about the breed, thoroughness in terms of ensuring healthy puppies and credibility she demonstrated in  early meetings by phone and in person led me to go with Kristin. We trusted her to pick out the right puppy for our family and boy, are we glad we did.  I'm convinced we got the puppy that was right for our family, in terms of temperament and one that fit in with our lifestyle.  These are some of things that I really liked from our own experience of buying a puppy from Kristin:

No sales pressure:  Kristin genuinely wants to match you up with the right puppy.  I had the deposit check ready from the first in-person meeting and she simply would not take it until she had completed her health guarantee paperwork.  She was also waiting for the puppies to mature a bit to assess them. Many breeders want the deposit check for a future litter before they will even return your phone calls.  

Depth & breadth of knowledge on the breed: She genuinely loves the breed and wants to maintain the highest level of standard for look and temperament of Australian Labradoodle.  Any question I have about Emmy on things she's doing, behaviors, habits, training, grooming tips, I go to Kristin and I'm assured of getting a thorough instructions and suggestion things to try or why she does these things. 

Access to an Expert:  Not only is she knowledgeable but Kristin wants to share her knowledge and help you as the new owner.  You can ask her anything and she calls you right back with helpful suggestions.  In fact, I spent an hour and a half in Kristin's garage yesterday learning to groom Emmy myself using the clipper after a disastrous visit to the professional groomer.  She is that accessible.  She showed me how to groom Emmy, get the mats out, products that might work for her.  Sample products I should try.  No, she's not trying to sell me any of this stuff.  She just wants me to try stuff that might work for my dog.  

Complete Trust:  Lastly, having talked to many many breeders over 6 months that I was researching the breed of the dog that I wanted to get for our family, I ran across a lot of breeders.  With some of them, you get the feeling that this is their livelihood and financial transaction trumps in the end.  They say the right things but it seems a bit hallow.  From the time we had our first phone conversation, subsequent in-person meetings, visits to see the puppies, I had complete trust in Kristin.  In fact, one of the families that had a deposit with one of the puppies then changed their mind, Kristin had no problem giving them their deposit back.  She did not want the puppy to go to a family that may not have been the best "fit" for that puppy, she made an exception.  I don't know other breeders that would do that.  Since technically, if you change your mind, the breeder has every right to keep the deposit.  Hello, that's why they call it "deposit."  At the end of the day, you are paying thousands of dollars for these pups and you can be assured that you are doing business with someone who is completely trustworthy and will go above & beyond to ensure that you are matched up with a puppy that will "fit" right in with your family.  

If we were to add another Australian Labradoodle to our family, I would not hesitate to work with Kristin again.  I have also recommended her to all my friends and family.  You will not be disappointed.

                                                                                                                                           -- Joely U.

"Kristin feels like a partner, not a vendor. As we approached a first Labradoodle, Kristin asked us deep questions about our family and explained an approach she uses to fit every puppy, all who have been evaluated carefully for temperament, with a family whose personality and preferences and population (little kids? No kids?) and living situation (At home all day? At work all day?) fits the personality of the puppy. We spent a good hour-plus in conversation so she could understand a lot about our household, and worked on making a match for our family as opposed to selling our household a dog. We are thrilled three years in with a dog who fits like a glove with us. Best dog we’ve ever had. Thank you!"
                                                         --Sue R.
"We would like to reach out and offer our greatest appreciation and respect to Kristin Hotti and her crew, although she’s a one-woman show. We have 2 wonderful Australian Labradoodles from Kristin, and for cuteness, their pictures are attached. On the left is Harley, 4-year old female, and then Sydney, a 1-year old female (we’re guardian parents for her). Adorable, don’t you think? But I digress; I love showing off our wonderful ALDs.

But there is something more important to say about Kristin and Golden Gate Labradoodles. Getting a puppy is not like getting a car, or refrigerator and hoping it doesn’t break down. Getting a puppy is bringing a new incredible creature into your lives. You nurture it, love it, and it returns that love in so many ways. We love, we laugh, we become the most important elements of their lives.

But that’s not what sets Kristin apart from other breeders. Kristin is always there. She has a closed Facebook group for all of her owners. If there are any questions, she’s there with answers. We’ve gotten to meet many of her other clients for play dates, and we’ve become a part of a much larger family, with Kristin at the helm. Getting a GGL puppy gives you access to this wonderful family. Advice, questions answered, relevant articles, all are part of her support. It doesn’t stop with the “gotcha” moment.

We’re just so thrilled to be part of her “family”. Also, aren’t they just the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen?"

                                                                                                                             -- Claus and Ros 
"First of all, thank you so much for helping find the right dog for me! I contacted you stating that I was looking for an independent pup with lots of energy, and that's exactly what I got! I had no idea what I was getting into because Poppy is my first dog. You correctly identified that I wasn't exactly ready for a puppy and helped me place her with a trainer, but I am so happy that we did things the way that we did.

Poppy has brought so much joy and levity to my life. She is a smart and funny girl who is an endless source of entertainment. She is also my best friend. I had no idea how amazing of a companion she would be. She is always by side when we are home together. I could not imagine life without her! She makes life more enjoyable as it's impossible to not be in the moment with such an active pup. We hike, go the the beach (she's an excellent swimmer)., we watch movies and we nap together. I firmly believe that no other human could provide this degree of love and support as a companion (don't tell my friends and family!).

Again, thank you so much for helping me find a dog that is the right fit for me. I would never have found her without you listening to exactly what I was looking for! If I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same way!"

                                                     -- Jen B
"We are a guardian family for Maddie. My experience began to when I was calling breeders in the Bay Area. Not only did Kristin return my call she spent over an hour educating me about the breed as well as asking lots of questions about our home life in order that she might match the perfect temperament for our lifestyle. I was so impressed with her breadth of knowledge and passion as well as commitment that I stopped looking for breeders. I knew I had found an amazing breeder with high ethics and values

I love this breed. Always had Labradors in the past. But I wanted a medium size dog as well as one that didn’t shed. I find these dogs ( we have two) super smart and so easy to train. They are mellow from birth. Clearly well-socialized puppies. They want to be with you and are content just being by your side. Excellent with babies and small children. I would trust them completely with an infant. They make eye contact like humans!  

As a guardian family we have had two litters. Each time Kristin was accessible 24 hours a day. She provided support and tons of information. She tends to lean toward holistic natural methods whenever appropriate. From best diets to excellent medical needs. Kristin covers all expenses up front related to breeding. I felt she had my back through the entire breeding process. I love this woman!!! She’s simply amazing! "   
                                                             -- Yana J
Being Topper’s guardian family is one of the greatest joys of our lives. Kristin knows her dogs and this breed so well and she is caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and highly intuitive about finding the best fit with your family. It has been so much fun to be a part of this community with our floppy, funny, smart puppies, grand-puppies, and pack mates. I knew that Topper was the one from the moment I met him. He was already an adult and had just joined Kristin’s program, and he was a perfect fit for us. We love him to pieces and we are so grateful to Kristin for connecting us.                            
                                                            -- Elizabeth S

"When I finally decided to get my own very-first dog I knew I wanted something non -shedding that could fare well when I was at work but who could be my companion. I found Kristin in researching Australian Labradoodles. Honestly, from the first time we talked I felt Kristin’s honesty and her understanding of this breed so I didn’t look at any more breeders. The day I got to come meet all the puppies I thought “how will I ever pick” but Kristin and I had spoken several times to get to know me, my schedule, my lifestyle etc. so when I showed up, despite there being three litters she only brought in all handful whose temperaments would be a match for me. I don’t recall which number Winnie was, all I remember was she stayed on my lap while I met all her other companions and that’s when I knew she was my girl!! 

Winnie is everything Kristin said she would be- calm, loyal, observant and super well behaved. I don’t even know life without her!! My whole family loves Winnie so much, three years later we got my parents another GGL named Amorito!

Thank you Kristin for adding so much joy to our lives!❤️ "              
                                                  --Lina R
"Kristin  at Golden Gate Labradoodles is simply the best Australian Labradoodle Breeder. When looking for your family’s new “best friend”, you want to know that they are going to be with you for as many years as possible. I do not know of any other breeder who is more responsible than Kristin. She is diligent in making sure that each of her dogs comes from a reputable family line, investigating gene pools, health records, and temperament. She is meticulous in making sure that each pup is matched as perfectly as possible with their new family to match energy levels, temperament, etc. 

Many people do not know that the reputation of a “Labradoodle” does not come from simple Poodle/Labrador dog. The Australian Labradoodle is a special dog breed that comes with a diverse gene pool that produces an amazing dog. Kristin is helping to elevate this breed to the highest standard possible. She only works with responsible breeders. To own a Golden Gate Labradoodle is a privilege! "

                                                                          — Jackie S
"I was a reluctant dog owner, having been persuaded into it by the other four members of our family. Kristin was marvelous at providing reassurance for my fears and was responsive to all of our queries and request for information. 

We loved and appreciated the puppy play dates with an opportunity to see the pups with their mama and learn more about Kristin’s program. It was obvious she cares deeply about all her dogs, her own and the puppies she places.  

We love Kristin’s ability and capacity to under-reserve a litter to make give the best possible chance of successful matching. I was a little skeptical that this claim was true for every litter but after being part of the Facebook group I can see that this is truly her philosophy. 

I sincerely believe that Kristin made the best possible match for our family. Our pup has always been mellow, super friendly, and easily trainable . We always get positive comment when out walking him and at the dog park. And whilst I was struggling to cope with the behaviors of a new puppy, all my friends were telling me how lucky I was, because he was so well behaved.  

The most wonderful thing about having a Golden Gate Labradoodle is the supportive community in the private Facebook group. It is so reassuring to be able to ask advice, ask for tips when you are a new owner. We love being part of the Golden Gate Labradoodle family, best decision we ever made. 
                                                                                                                                   -- Natasha S                                                                            

"When we decided to get an Australian Labradoodle, we did some research on breeders and found Kristin to have a great deal of knowledge on the breed.  After we submitted our application, she called us and at the end of the conversation not only were we convinced that we wanted one of her dogs we felt that we would be a part of an awesome doodle family. When we went to the garden play date to meet the puppies, it was evident that Kristin took the time to ensure to that the puppies were matched with the right families. This is evidenced by our handsome boy Cooper. His personality blends perfectly with ours and he completes our family. Cooper is a sweet boy with a wonderful temperament. When people ask where we got him, we never hesitate to recommend Kristin Hotti and Golden Gate Labradoodles."

                                                                                                                              —Susan H and Lynn C

"We had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Hotti and her wonderful dogs in 2015. Kristin was referred to us by another breeder. Her knowledge about puppies, their personalities and lineage is impeccable. We began our puppy search certain that we wanted a chocolate colored female. Much to our delight, we fell in love with our male, parchment puppy because of his gentle, loving personality. Kristin really can read the dogs and has such incredible insight into how they’ll mature. Australian Labradoodles are such a lovely combination of sweet cuddliness and playfulness! The GGLD family has been a fantastic support network for grooming, nutrition, playdates etc. We love joining Kristin for puppy washing parties and hope to add another dog to our family soon. "                                   
                                                        — Patty B.
"When were were looking for a new addition to our family, we were so lucky to be introduced to Kristin at Golden Gate Labradoodles. We did quite a bit of research to look for the right dog for our family, and we were so amazed when we learned about the beautiful ALD breed. Kristin is a professional and knowledgeable breeder who took the time with us to make sure we had enough guidance (obedience, nutrition, grooming, etc) to begin our time with our sweet pup, Winston. After 10 months, we can say that he has been an absolute blessing. He is loving, smart, and very social. Thanks to Kristin, we found the perfect companion who especially enjoys our frequent road trips to the beach!  "                               
                                                    -- Michelle A
"MaryAnn and I want to thank you again for Luna. She's 11 months old now and the sweetest dog. Friendly with every living thing. You definitely know your job. I've given your name our many times and will continue to do so. Thanks again." 
                                                                                                                   -- Doug L
We looked for an Australian Labradoodle breeder for over a year before we found Kristin and Golden Gate Labradoodles. To us, this search was more about finding a pet who would be a new member to our family, rather than just getting a dog. We wanted to work with a breeder who was truly focused on what was best for the dog, not just focused on making lots of money. Kristin is so thorough in the matches she makes in her breeding program and she is equally careful in matching the right puppy with the right family based upon the puppy’s temperament and the family’s lifestyle. She is a wealth of knowledge and an incredible resource for all things dog related. Any questions that we have had, she has answered promptly and caringly. 

My husband “met” two Golden Gate Labradoodles and “interviewed” them at a park near our house. The owner had bought one dog from Kristin, then two years later bought another from Kristin. That alone spoke volumes about the quality of Golden Gate Labradoodles. What sold my husband, in addition to that dog owner’s comments, was the outstanding good health and good nature of these dogs. Playful, yet well mannered, curious, intelligent, approachable and social. We knew this was a breeder we needed to meet and with whom to hopefully find our new family member. When I walked in our front door with our surprise new puppy, Mabel, almost two years ago, our lives were forever changed. Sure she has been easy to train and she’s hypoallergenic, but she has brought a new dimension of love, fun, comfort, and adventure to our family. She hikes, swims, travels and adventures with us and loves every person and dog she meets. We can’t speak highly enough about Kristin and her breeding program.
​                                                                                                                                        -- Libby
When I embarked on the Golden Gate Australian Labradoodles journey in 2009, little did I imagine the huge number of kind, intelligent, supportive, and fascinating individuals and families who would unify around the dogs to form the community, no...the extended GGAL family that exists today! If you are already an owner or are on the waitlist, you know of our nearly 800-strong private Facebook group of largely Northern California folks who are the "hive-mind" of this program. When I see people connecting about litter playdates or birthday parties; cooperative boarding arrangements; recommendations for local groomers, vets, trainers; and even providing informational and emotional support in occasional crisis events, I am overwhelmed with humble gratitude that I could play a part in bringing such a meaningful community together. Of course the dogs are amazing! But, the Golden Gate Labradoodles Community is truly the best thing about our program!

I am also pleased that so many people I have worked with also appreciate our program:
What is the BEST Thing about GGAL?